What does our Companies House integration do?

Glide's integration with Companies House consists of two components, being the 'New Client sync' and the 'Ongoing monitoring', each component is explained below.

New Client Sync:

If you supply a company number when creating a new client, Glide shall obtain the following information from Companies House:

  • Client type.
  • Client name.
  • The period end date for the next accounts that should be submitted. This is mapped to our 'Next Year End' client field, which is visible on the summary page of the client card.
  • The made up date for the next Confirmation Statement that should be submitted. If you have a workflow system that uses the Confirmation Statement filing deadline, then the date shall be mapped to the trigger field on that workflow system.
  • Whether the next set of Accounts is the first set since incorporation. This allows Glide to automatically set the first year deadline correctly.

This information is obtained whenever you create a new client, including the following methods:

  • Within the Glide web application.
  • Via the Glide API.
  • Via any wrappers that use our API, including:
    • Our CCH and Digita connectors.
    • Our Zapier and Make apps.
  • Via an Excel import.

At present, this information is only obtained if you provide a company number when the client is created.

Ongoing monitoring:

Once activated (you can activate via the 'Config menu' and 'Companies House integration'), Glide's ongoing monitoring is constantly monitoring your data to ensure that it is in agreement with the data at Companies House.

The monitoring service will only check clients where a Companies House number has been entered.

When you activate the feature, all relevant clients will be queued for an initial comparison of data. Thereafter, a client will be checked again when any relevant data changes in Glide or at Companies House.

On each check the monitoring service will initially check the 'Next Year End' value and the 'job date' (i.e. year end) of the relevant jobs.

Errors will be output here if any of these data points are missing or not in agreement with Companies House.

For each job that is checked, where the job date is correct (or out by 7 days or less) then the check shall proceed to validate the filing deadline. This will check that the deadline is correct (automatically changing where it is not) and also whether the filed status is correct. For example, if you mark a set of Accounts as being filed on Glide but they appear outstanding at Companies House, then an error shall be recorded, and vice versa.

Error are currently listed on the page where you activate the system.

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