How to set up the Workiro integration

To set up an integration with Workiro, you should first create a relationship type in Workiro of Client and a relationship type property of glide_id - this is explained in this Workiro help article:

Once the glide_id field exists in Workiro, you should populate it for any client that already exists on both Glide and Workiro.

To export your Glide IDs, please follow these steps in Glide:

  • Click on the menu labelled with your business name.
  • Click on the Clients database query engine link.
  • In the Choose report columns dropdown, select the following:
    • Complete name.
    • Client code.
    • Glide code.

  • Click the green Execute query button to produce a list of results.
  • Import the Glide code field into the newly created glide_id field in Workiro.

Now you can activate the integration in Glide, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Config menu (superuser clearance required).
  • Click on the Workiro integration link.
  • Click on the green Activate button.

Your Workiro integration is now active and you will see a Workiro tab on your client cards.

When you create a new client in Glide and view the Workiro tab, the system will offer to create the client in Workiro for you.

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