How do I see a list of new clients?

It is often desirable to see a list of clients that have recently been added to Glide. The video linked below explains the best way to achieve this.

The steps are summarised as follows:

  • Click on the menu labelled with your business name.
  • Click on the Client database query engine link.
  • Choose some columns to output in the dropdown Choose report columns. If you need to see the date the client was added to Glide then be sure to include the option 'Date added to Glide' which is the 13th option in the list.
  • Click the green Add rule button and choose the option Date added to Glide, again this is the 13th option in the list.
  • Add a date filter, such as Greater than the xx/xx/xxxx - to filter the results to those clients that have been added to the date period you are interested in.
  • Click Execute query to see the results.
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