How do I close down a client we no longer act for?

When you no longer act for a client, you should change their status to Lost.

The status of a client is visible on the client card, towards the top right corner of the screen. It will either be Active, Prospect, Lost or Deleted. Click on the existing status to change it. Please note that only Superusers or members of the permissions list 'Can change client status' can change the client status.

This will have the effect of deactivating all recurring workflow systems, you do not need to do this separately.

Please note that setting a client to Lost will not affect any active jobs that exist. You should consider whether your firm is responsible for the completion of these jobs, or not, and act accordingly. If you are responsible for the completion of the jobs, then they can be completed as normal, they will continue to appear in all reports/widgets and automated emails/SMS will continue to be sent.

If you are not responsible for the completion of the job, then you could either push the job through to completion, or you can delete the job. To delete a job you would need to be a superuser or a member of the permission list 'Can delete/restore jobs'.

Some workflows will have options designed in, to allow for the situation where you are no longer acting. For example, a tax return flow may have an option on 'Awaiting info' to confirm that the client is completing their own return.

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