How to create a permissions list for the ability to edit the Scheduler

By default the scheduler can be accessed and updated by all users. Remember that in this configuration you can still 'lock' bookings so that no other user can amend them.

By default there will be a permissions list active, to which you can add teams or specific users, to prevent them from editing the Scheduler. In effect this is a 'No permission' list. People on this list can still access the Scheduler, they just can't edit it.

To add teams or users to this list follow these steps:

  • Click on the Config menu (Superuser access required).
  • Click on Manage staff permission lists.
  • Locate the All users can edit the Scheduler EXCEPT permissions list.
  • Drag users or teams into this list to prevent them from editing the Scheduler.

If you find that it would be quicker to build a permissions list of teams and users that CAN edit the Scheduler then you would instead populate the permissions lists called No uses can edit the Scheduler EXCEPT. In addition you would need to toggle a setting to use this alternate list, follow these steps to do that:

  • Click on the Config menu (Superuser access required).
  • Click on the Advanced Config Settings.
  • In the Scheduler section, change the following settings to Yes: Change editing access on Glide Scheduler to a block all except allow list mechanism?
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