Import a batch of expenses from Excel

If you have a lot of client expenses / disbursements to add then you may find it quicker to use our Excel based import system.

To import a batch of expenses follow these steps:

  • Click on the Config menu (Superuser access required).
  • Click on the Import expenses link.
  • Click on the Download Expenses Import Spreadsheet link.
  • Find the sheet in your downloads folder and open it.
  • Enter the data following the guide below. Save your file and close it.
  • Returning to your Glide window, click on the green Select completed spreadsheet button.
  • Locate your saved file and click OK.
  • If any errors or issues are detected then you'll need to click on the blue Try again button. Make appropriate changes to your spreadsheet and repeat the process.
  • If the data passes our checks then you can click the blue Confirm spreadsheet import button. Before clicking this, check the data preview and the sub-totals shown are in agreement with your expectations.

Spreadsheet layout & required format:

Column Title Mandatory? Data type Description
A Date YES Date This is your expense entry date.
B Category YES A Glide client category The expense created will be allocated to this category. You can create an unlimited number of categories and categories can be 'Expense only' if required.
C Client YES A Glide client code This must match an existing Glide client code.
D User NO The initials for a user on Glide These must match the initials of a user on the Glide system.
E Description YES Free text This will provide the description of the expense, for example when viewing a WIP analysis or raising a bill.
F Value YES Number to 2pd. This is the value of the expense. This amount will be added to the client WIP valuation.
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