How to Activate TFA (Two-factor authentication)

Using two factor authentication (TFA) increases the security of your Glide account. You download an app to run on your smartphone, after an easy setup process this app then produces access codes that you enter when logging into the system. This stops a person who has gained access to your login details from accessing your account, as they would require your smartphone as well to log-in.

Each user set's up their own TFA by following these steps:

First the user will need to download a TFA App. There are multiple TFA apps available, we recommend the Microsoft Authenticator app. It is available on iOS (which covers iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) and Android.

  1. Then in Glide - click on the menu labelled with your name.
  2. Click on the Profile link.
  3. Click on the Two factor auth tab.
  4. Click on the green Activate Two Factor Authentication button.
  5. Within your app click to create a new Account and scan the barcode shown by Glide. On reading the barcode your authenticator app will be fully setup an capable of creating codes.
  6. In Glide click on the green Continue button.
  7. To ensure that you have done everything correctly, Glide will now test the system. Create a code in your authenticator app and type this into Glide.
  8. Still in Glide - click the green Check number button.
  9. Assuming the code is correct - TFA will now be active for all future log in attempts on this user account.

If you would like to further restrict access to your Glide account, contact Glide to arrange IP address filtering. We can restrict access to an entire Glide system to specific IP addresses or a range of IP addresses.

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