How to configure permissions lists for Glide Time

There are currently 9 separate permissions lists specifically relating to the Glide Time system.

Permissions lists govern which users are given access to screens or the ability to undertake actions.

At present the permissions groups in Glide Time are:

  1. Can access Staff Productivity report.
  2. Can access Client WIP analysis report.
  3. Can access sales invoice lists and detail. This governs:
    1. Access to the Billing Summary report.
    2. Visibility of the Invoices tab on the client card.
  4. Can access Time Analysis report.
  5. Can access Timesheet Report.
  6. Can access Client profitability report.
  7. Can access Staff actual vs Core time report.
  8. Can see WIP data and full billing data. This governs:
    1. Visibility of the WIP and cost data on the job cards.
    2. Visibility of the WIP data on the client card.
    3. The ability to raise bills.
    4. Visibility of the time and fees tab on the client card.

To activate the lists follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Config menu (superuser access required).
  2. Click on Manage staff permission lists.
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate list and drag and drop users or teams into the list from the options on the left of the screen.
    1. If you are dragging the same users into each list then it will save time to create a team and drag this in instead.
    2. Superusers can see all of the above without needing to be included.
  4. Once you have populated all of your lists, you should activate the feature. To do this follow these steps:
    1. Click on the Config menu.
    2. Click on Advanced config settings.
    3. Set Activate permissions lists to view Glide Time reports to Yes.

If these permissions lists are not active then the default permission will be in place. In this case support/admin/staff roles do not see the Glide Time reports, the job/client WIP data and the raise bill buttons. Managers and partners see everything.

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