How to set the required minutes for a user

You can set the number of minutes you require each employee to work. There is a setting for each day of the week (Monday-Sunday).

The required minutes do the following:-

  • Inform the employee how many minutes they need to record on their timesheet each day. The minutes are visible on the daily timesheet screen and the employees timesheet log screen.
  • Prevent a timesheet from being submitted until this number of minutes have been recorded.
  • Provide the date for the required minutes column on the staff productivity report.
  • Allow the Scheduler to calculate the % utilisation for the next 30 days.

To set the required minutes do the following:

  1. Note that superuser access is required to change the required minutes.
  2. Click on the menu labelled with you business name.
  3. Click on staff.
  4. Click on the name of the user you wish to set.
  5. As an alternative to steps 2-4 you can enter the employee name in the search box.
  6. On the user profile click on the Timesheet workday tab.
  7. Edit the required minutes and click the blue Save button.
  8. This change will take effect for timesheets that are created after the change is made. To change existing timesheets you should go to the timesheets report in the menu labelled with your business name and click on the green edit mins button.

Where a day is set to 0 required minuted a timesheet will not be automatically generated but will be generated (with 0 minutes required) if the user accesses the daily timsheet screen or makes a timesheet entry.

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