How to raise a credit note

There are two types of credit note on Glide, full and basic.

A full credit note fully reverses the entries made by the invoice that is being credited, that includes placing billed time/expenses back into WIP, removing any advance time that was created by the invoice and reinstating any advance time that was redeemed by the invoice.

A basic credit note has no impact on your WIP balance and is designed for pricing adjustments and similar credits. In this case the credit note will simply reduce the turnover and recoverability figures for the job/client.

To raise either type of credit note follow these steps:

  1. Click on the menu labelled with your business name e.g. [XYZ Accountants].
  2. Click on billing summary.
  3. Navigate to the invoice you wish to credit (Note: basic credit notes need to be launched from an existing invoice so that we can use the linked timesheet entries as a basis for the job/user allocation of the reduction in recovered value)
  4. Click on the green Credit Note button to the right of the row.
  5. A pop up screen will confirm which credit note options are available against this invoice (see eligibility notes below). Click the appropriate orange button to raise either a full or basic credit note.
  6. If you click Full credit note then on the next screen confirm the credit note date, reference and title. Click the blue Generate credit note button to proceed.
  7. If you click Basic credit note then on the next screen confirm the credit note date, reference and title. You will also be able to allocate the negative value to the timesheet entries that were linked to the invoice you are basic the credit note on. You can raise a basic credit note for any amount smaller than £0, it does not have to match the invoice amount. Click the blue Generate credit note button to proceed.
  8. You will see the new credit note in the billing summary, credit notes have orange row shading to differentiate them.
  9. All credit notes can be sent to Xero where you have an active integration; however, you need to manually click the blue Xero button to the right side of the credit note row on the billing summary to sync this.

You can raise a full credit note against any invoice where:

  • A full credit note has not already been raised, and
  • Any advance time created on the invoice is fully intact in WIP. This means that if a subsequent invoice has redeemed some of the advance time balance, you would need to first full credit this invoice.

You can raise a basic credit note again any invoice where:

  • The invoice contains at least 1 productive time entry or expense (i.e. it can not solely consist of advance time generation).
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