Digita connector - What is it? What does it do?

What is the Digita Connector?

The standing client data used by Glide is often held in an existing practice/tax system and our connectors seek to provide a near real time (every 15 minutes) integration between the Practice/tax system and Glide.

The Digita connector allows for data to be created / updated within Digita and then replicated with Glide.

On a standard installation we will host the connector, this is hosted on our server which is based in Reading, UK. We will run the connector every 15 minutes and require an IP exception within our client’s firewall in order to reach the locally installed database.

The connector runs one SQL select statement to detect any records which have been created or updated since the last sync. Where records have been created or updated a separate SQL statement will then extract the new information which is passed to Glide.

The connector has been designed to require read only credentials to the SQL server and we insist on being restricted to this access in order to ring fence the Glide connector from any other application that may seek to manipulate data.

What does it do?

The connector in its default configuration will integrate the information listed below, we have principally included the core data required to ensure Glide functions correctly as well as a small number of data fields that are stored in a standard fashion within Digita. Custom fields can not be included as standard; however, we are familiar with the structure should they require integrating and can provide this service for a small time based fee.

  •         For all clients: Client code, client name, client type, client mobile phone number.
  •         Additional for organisations: Registered number (incorporated clients), tax reference and VAT number.
  •         Additional for individuals: NI number, tax reference, date of birth, e-mail address.

For incorporated clients be sure to enter the Company Number in Digita, the Glide system will then integrate with Companies House when creating the new client to obtain accurate dates for the next set of Accounts that need to be filed, the next Confirmation Statement that needs to be filed and the incorporation date. We shall also automatically set whether these accounts are he first since incorporation which ensures the deadline is correct.

Note that the Digita system does not provide APIs to enable reliable and safe two way communication, therefore new clients should be added in Digita and changes to your clients made in Digita, these will then be automatically reflected in Glide. Changes made in Glide will not be passed back to Digita.

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