How to raise an allocation only invoice

An allocation only invoice is one that totals £0, where no actual invoice is sent to the client. If you are using our Xero integration these invoices will not be sent to Xero. Occasions where you may need to raise an allocation only invoice include:

  • Writing off old time to reduce your WIP balance.
  • Solely allocating time entries to advance time balances. Remember you can also do this at the same time as raising a separate real invoice, though the downside of doing so would be if you tend to look at over/under recovery by invoice and wish to see this allocation on a dedicated line.
  • Those users that integrate Xero generated bills back into Glide will see them as an advance time balance and will use this method to allocate the value to time entries.

Here's how to raise an allocation only invoice:

  1. Click on the Client name to get to the client card.
  2. Click on the Raise bill button.
  3. Find your advance time entry and enter the amount you wish to allocate (this can be all of part of the advance time balance) into the Set Val.
  4. Decide which time entries need to be allocated to this balance and tick the box on the far left of the time entry row to include it, at this point the row will go green (labelled 3 on the image).
    1. Remember that you can use the Select all buttons to speed up this process (labelled 4 on the image and bottom left).
  5. If you have made an over or under recovery of time then you shall need to adjust one or more of the time lines to get the bill total to equal £0 (labelled 7 on the image). To adjust a time entry's value type the alternate value into the Set Val box (labelled 8 on the image), remember you are typing the value not the adjustment required.
    1. Note you can not currently use the Fixed bill total box (labelled 9 on the image) to create a bill totalling £0.

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