How to send data to a Slack channel using webhooks and Zapier

You can send data to Slack automatically using Glide's workflow actions and the Zapier integration platform.

Firstly create a new Zap in Zapier using the in built trigger app Webhooks
  1. From your Zapier dashboard click on the orange Make a Zap button towards the top right of the screen.
  2. For Choose a trigger App select the built in App called Webhooks.
  3. Select Catch hook and then click Save + continue.
  4. You don't need to pick off a child key so click Continue.
  5. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the Webhook URL.
Create the workflow action in Glide and trigger a test posting to the webhook.
  1. Click on the Config menu (remember you'll need to be a superuser to do this).
  2. Click on Edit workflow systems.
  3. Drill into the relevant workflow system by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the name.
  4. Click on the workflow routes tab.
  5. Scroll down to the route that you wish to add the action to, find the appropriate workflow step (e.g. Sent to client etc) and click Create new action.
  6. Select the Send data to a webhook workflow action, paste the URL (from Zapier) and give the action a title. Click save.
  7. Find an existing job or create a new one and progress through the step onto which you have added the action (e.g. Sent to client). This will trigger the workflow action. 
Back to the Zap editor
  1. Switch back to the Zapier window. Click on the OK I did this button to confirm you have triggered the test.
  2. Glide queues the data and sends every 60 seconds therefore allow for a small delay before Zapier confirms the test is successful. Once it has click Continue.
  3. Next choose an Action App for your 1st Action step (you need at least 1 but could have multiple). For my tutorial I have selected Slack.
  4. I already both have a Slack account and have linked it to my Zapier account, if you haven't you'll need to do both of these first.
  5. On the Select Slack Action page I have chosen Send Channel message. Click Save + continue.
  6. Select the relevant Slack account then click Save + continue.
  7. You must select a Slack Channel and enter the message text, everything else is optional. In the message text you can combine text with data from your Glide system by clicking on the + icon in the top right corner of the message text entry box. Click Continue.
  8. Click Send test to Slack and check your Slack channel to see the test info. Click Finish.
  9. Name your Zap, switch it on and you are up and running with Glide -> Slack integration.

The following information is currently provided by Glide in the Send data to a webhook workflow action:

  • Source (information about what event or step in Glide triggered the workflow action).
  • The name and code of every sub-system active on the job.
  • The client name and the Glide ID number.
  • The name of the workflow system and the system ID.
  • For every active sub-system the route name, current stage (post step if applicable) and the current holder.

You can also watch a demonstration in this video:

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