What is staff productivity report

The staff productivity report is designed to provide a summary of how productive each member of the team has been both in terms of the quantity of work input and the value the practice has derived from that.

The report can be filtered for a date range.

The report can be set to contain any of the following columns, each user can use the columns control at the bottom of the report to configure which columns they wish to see, can change the order of the columns via drag and drop and can sort certain columns. All of these settings are stored in cookies so will remain consistent so long as the cookies are not deleted.

Column Data contained
a Name This includes the names of users that appear in the report. The report will filter in all users, past and present, active and deleted, it will only include users that have data in the time period you have selected.
b Initials Of the user.
c Recorded This shows the total hours and minutes recorded by the staff member during the period selected.
d Chargeable This shows the total hours and minutes recorded by the staff member to clients (as opposed to non chargeable activities) during the period selected.
e % Cha This shows the percentage of time recorded that was chargeable. (d/c)
f AvRt recorded The average rate recorded shows the average charge out rate used across all timesheet entries, both chargeable and non chargeable. Where a user has only a single charge out rate it will equal this, it is possible to set up multiple rates within Glide which could give rise to a different outcome.
g Av rate cha The average rate charged is as above except it is purely looking at the rate used on time charged to clients. (i/d)
h Av rate recov The average rate recovered is again looking at time charged to clients, this time we are looking at the average amount of time recovered including the effect of billing, this includes the effect of write offs and any under/over recovery through bills. (j/d)
i Total chargeable This is looking at the total value of chargeable time recorded. (d * g)
j Total value This is looking at the total value recovered. Where time has been written off or billed it includes the effect of write offs and over/under recoveries. (d * h)

Required time This is showing the total time required during the period selected. This is taken from the required minutes on all timesheets that exist for the user.
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